Monday, 14 November 2011

Fish and Chip babies

Good afternoon everyone, just realised how long its been since my last blogpost!  Been really busy with lots of things going on at the mo and cardmaking has been put on the back burner a bit although I have managed to make a few christmas it will soon be upon us..... 6 weeks to go aarrghhh!!..... will post them sometime this week.  Meantime I wanted to show you what has been taking up my time the past couple of and chip baby jumpers!!!!  I am a member of a craft group at our local Age UK and the knitters amongst us have decided to make as many of these little jumpers as we can using oddments of double knitting wool.  If you have never heard of fish and chip babies......they are for the little HIV babies in Africa, these infants are known as the “fish and chip babies” because of the poverty and Aids that is rife throughout that area. A young mother-to-be goes into the local hospital to have her baby and succumbs to the inevitable, leaving the child with nothing whatsoever in this world. The child, when able or old enough to leave the hospital, is wrapped in newspaper and taken, if lucky enough, to live with relatives or at worst to an orphanage hence the name “fish and chip babies”.  The pattern is really easy and only takes a few hours to make, the only stipulation is that they must be knitted in darker colours, not pastels or white as they are unlikely to be washed very often. 

I havent knitted for years.... used to love knitting little matinee jackets and bonnets when my girls were babies and then when they were older I always knitted their school jumpers and cardies......sadly no-one seems to like hand knitted garments these days.  I am also learning to crochet at the craft group..... and rag rugging!! I remember when my mum used to make rag rugs, she would cut up little squares of old material and pull them through a large piece of hessian with a special tool.  We are making them in exactly the same way and I have to say they are really trendy!

Well I will be back again soon with some cards to show you, so enjoy the rest of your evening!



Donna Mosley said...

Hi Barbara, love your fab knitting, what a very worthy cause hun.

Donna x

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, I've emailed you.

cardmaking bird said...

What a sad story - those poor babies and what a worthwhile contribution to be making. Your little 'jumper' looks wonderful. I'd love to help but I can't knit :-( Sending hugs Marie xx

June Nelson said...

Aw Barbara what a lively thing to do bless their hearts wrapped in newspaper, lifes not fair. Its a lovely gesture darlin xx

melsanford said...

Oh what a lovely thing to do! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Jenni Kemp said...

Hi Barbara...and thanks for the info about the babies...two of us here had heard rumours about them but couldn't find any info in our area (Droitwich Worcestershire). I'm ex-Cheshire and friends from Gatley near Stockport sent the pattern. I found your lovely blog when I typed in for current info on who else was busy with "the pins". Now I'm off to sort out the stash and get started! Jenni

Anonymous said...

I saw a picture of this little dress ina church in Yorkshire - wou;d love to help - any chance you could post the pattern on your blog for others to try as well? Thanks so much

Sue said...

Ah this is beautiful Barbara! what an amazing story about the 'fish and chip' babies! A gorgeous jumper for good cause! I used to love knitting matinee jackets, bonnets, toys for my daughter when she was baby. I don't seem to have the patience to knit that I had back then!! LOL
Hope you have a good day!
Hugs Sue xx

tilly said...

Hello Barbara
I have never heard of these babies, how heart-breaking, I used to love knitting pram suits and matinee jackets, I made all our cardigans and jumpers as well. Hope Don is on the best side,you sound so busy with all your crafts lol
Tilly x

Barbara said...

Hi Barbara
I am an Extracare Housing Manager in Newcastle and our elderly residents recently started knitting for "Fish & Chip" babies.
I sent the pattern off to family in Cumbria only to be told this story: My sister-in-laws church have knit 100's of vests but have now been told they are being held in a warehouse as they have been deemed "second hand". Can you let me know where yours go to and if and how they are getting through to Africa? Regards. Barbara Wren

Barbara said...

Hi Barbara
I am a Housing Manager in Newcastle and my elderly residents recently started knitting these little vests. I sent the pattern to family in Cumbria and got a call from my sister in law to say her church had sent hundreds which were now being held in a warehouse as they were deemed "second hand"
Please could you let me know where yours are being sent and if and they are actually getting through to Africa? Regards Barbara Wren

lyn said...

hi barbara,

we've been knitting these as well but unfortunately the person who was going to send them over isnt doing it any more, do you have an address or collection person/point we can send them to?

lyn bannister