Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Bethany's Birthday card

This is the birthday card I made for our lovely granddaughter Bethany who will be 15 on Saturday. This Penny Black stamp looks just like Beth and I tried to pick out the delicious colours of the ice-cream she is holding. I wanted to make the card for Beth special as she stayed with me the few months while Don was in the hospital and during that time she was a great help and really good company, she is a good kid and will do anything for anyone, we are very proud of her.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

THE last cards of Christmas 2008!!

These are definately the last cards I am making this year! The four cards here are the ones I have made for my 4 daughters and hubbies. As you may guess I love these magnolia stamps, they are so 'Christmassy'.
Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and a Peaceful and Healthy New Year. We are planning on a quieter Christmas this year, but at least we have Don home in time for it. He is doing really well with his walking, he is managing to walk short distances without his crutches and he is beginning to watch a bit of TV and read a little, so his progress is slow but steady. He still has his good and bad days, but he has more of the good which is encouraging. The blindness in his right eye really gets him down at times, but he seems to be coping better with the use of his good left eye, perhaps it is now beginning to adjust.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Hopefully that's it for this year!

Well I finally managed to finish all the cards for the grandchildren and these are just 3 of them. The rest are very similar to these, not had as much time as I usually do to spend on the cards this year, but never mind got there in the end!

A Trio of Handmade Gifts

These are a set of three I have made to give as gifts for Christmas. I thought it would be something different and I havent had time to do any proper Christmas shopping.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Jilli has given me this fabulous award and I have to pass it on to 5 of my blogging buddies. I have to list 5 things I am addicted to, so here goes:

1. My family
2. My craft room
3. My Computer
4. Chocolate
5. Porridge (yes really!)

I am nominating the following 5 fabby buddies:

Debs (MeanlilG)
Eileen (Ikkis corner)
Viv (Crafting Haven)
Pam (Handcrafted with Love)
Michele (Miches Niche)

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Magnolia Christmas Cards

A couple of cards I have managed to create this week, I am panicking a bit now as Christmas has crept up so quickly and I have hardly any cards made. These 2 are for family members, the one on the left is going to my sister in Australia, not sure yet who the other one will go to.

Don is doing okay, a bit depressed at the moment, he thought once he was home from hospital everything would be back to 'normal' and of course it isn't and he is finding that very difficult to deal with. He needs constant care, he can do very little for himself which he finds very frustrating. He is still managing to walk around on his crutches and doing really well but his eyesight is letting him down badly, he finds that the worst to cope with. Hopefully, he will improve as time goes on but its not moving quick enough for him, he wants someone to come along with a magic wand and everything will be as it was, sadly, that will not be the case.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Forever Friends Candle & Update

I love stamping on candles, its so easy but so effective and make a lovely and unusual personalised gift.
Update on Don - he is coming home on Monday, not just for an assessment visit, for good! They are so pleased with his progress there is no point in delaying it and as you can imagine, he is over the moon! He couldn't believe it when the physio told him today. He is walking really well on his crutches and he is managing the stairs no problem, he is such an inspiration. The plan was to take him home on Monday just for an hour to see how he manages walking, stairs, toilet, shower etc, and then if he 'passed the test' home on Friday, but as he is already doing all those tasks on his own now they are letting him home sooner. He cried with joy and disbelief when they told him and as you can imagine there wasn't a dry eye in the room!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Christmas Tilda

I have made this card for my lovely niece Emma who lives in Australia. I hope she likes it, I'm sure she will.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Pink & Cream Tilda

This card is for my niece Angela's birthday next week, hope she likes it.

Christmas Cards

Inspiration for these cards from Sue Nelson of Heartprints,
I love the simplicity of her style of cards.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Another Craft Club Creation and Update

Another fabulous creation inspired by Andrea. Magnolia 'Grandad' is coloured with Prisma pencils and Sansador. His waistcoat is stamped and cut out using
matching paper. The base of this cute card is half a kitchen roll cut in half, glued at the base and covered with paper, easy peasy!
Update on Don
He is much bettter since moving to Macclesfield Hospital last week, but he is very tearful and depressed as he was told today that he will be in hospital for at least another month. He was already feeling very down because of the loss of sight in his eye, he feels he is never going to make it home. We are all trying really hard to make him feel positive and keep his spirits up, but he has no concept of how badly injured and critically ill he has been. He is doing a little bit of walking each day, he is still unable to wash, toilet, shower or climb stairs and until he can do those things he is unable to be home. Its not happening quick enough for him, he is a very impatient patient!

Craft Club Make Pocket Card

This is a pocket type card made at Craft Club this week. It could also be used as a doorhanger with some sweets, chocolate or a little gift popped inside.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Tartan Parcel

Ooops! forgot to add this little card I made with the last batch. I really like this one, I think the tartan ribbon really sets it off with the matching bazill card for matting.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Good News!!

After 7 weeks in Royal Liverpool hospital, Don was transferred to our local hospital yesterday, cannot believe it and as you can imagine, Don is so relieved to be nearer home. I will not miss that 80 mile round trip every day to Liverpool, terrible journey!

Hopefully Don will now recuperate much quicker and start to eat and gain some weight back. He can now walk with the aid of a frame and he is putting his weight on his bad leg. His goal is to be home for Christmas and knowing how he is I am sure he will acheive it.

Made a few cards this week, hope you like them.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Christmas Cards

A few Christmas cards made during the nights when I cannot sleep. My husband Don is continuing with his slow recovery after his accident and thanks to all who have sent messages, cards and prayers. He is still in Liverpool but is hoping to be transferred nearer home very soon.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

This week's Craft Club Cards

This week's craft club cards, inspired by Andrea.
The Tilda calendar is made with beer mats (or coasters is the posh name!). Covered with pretty paper on both sides, Tilda coloured with Prismas and Sansador.
The Autumn Wishes Sarah Kay image is again coloured with Prismas and Sansador.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

On a roll now!

Almost back in my stride now, a couple of cards made inbetween visiting times! Two of my favourites, Cuttlebug and Magnolias, and the posty brought me some fabby Magnolia stamps this morning that I had ordered to cheer myself up. Hopefully I will be posting more as time allows. I am hoping for some good news today regarding the transfer of Don to a hospital nearer home.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Back in the saddle!

These are a few cards made at Craft Club the last couple of weeks. I have really missed my cardmaking and I have found it very therapeutic to be 'back in the saddle!' These 3 fab cards were inspired by Andrea, aren't they just gorgeous? My fave one is the pink breast cancer Magnolia, she is so sweet.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Saturday Update

Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by. I am pleased to report that Don is making a good recovery and that he is hopefully to be transferred to a hospital nearer home early next week. Its now 4 weeks since his terrible accident and he has made an amazing recovery considering his awful injuries. Unfortunately he has lost the sight in his right eye and his face is paralysed on that side too, but its a small price to pay considering he was not expected to survive. But he has, he is a very strong, brave and determined man. Its going to be a long, slow and sometimes painful recovery, but with our love and support he will make it.

We have some good news to share with you, Katie, our youngest daughter who was married in August is expecting her second baby in June 2009. We are all delighted and Don is especially pleased, he adores his family and this is something for him to look forward to and focus on.

Thanks to everyone for all your love, messages, cards, emails, prayers and support, its very much appreciated.

Barbara & Family xxxx

Saturday, 18 October 2008


My husband Don is very slowly improving and considering its only 3 weeks since the accident he has done remarkably well. He is still in Intensive Care but today he had his tracheotomy removed, he has had it in place for 2 weeks so I am sure he will feel better for having that removed. However, today we had some unexpected news from the docs, they told us he is blind in his right eye, which I think I knew in my heart but was hoping it would recover over time. He will be devastated to learn of this when he does waken up fully but its one of those things he is going to have to come to terms with and with our love and support he will be okay. This photo was taken on Katie's wedding day on 9th August with Bethany, one of our 8 granddaughters. Thank you all for your messages of support, cards, emails and prayers.

Saturday, 11 October 2008


I am pleased to say that my husband Don is improving very slowly and is beginning to wake up after his very serious accident. He is still in Intensive Care at the Royal Liverpool hospital but with the very dedicated care of all the doctors and nurses he is making a slow and remarkable recovery. Its going to take a long time for him to get completely well but he is a very strong, brave, determined, and courageous man. Can't believe its 2 weeks since the accident happened and how much progress he has made in that short time, although it seems like a lifetime ago to us.

Many thanks for all your prayers, thoughts, cards, messages and good wishes, they have really kept us going these last few weeks.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A Terrible Accident

I won't be posting for a while as my husband has been involved in a very serious car accident and is critically ill in Royal Liverpool Intensive Care Unit. I am staying in Liverpool to be close to him and I will update you as soon as I can. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you


Saturday, 27 September 2008

Sugar Nellie Wallet

Made this card at Craft Club this week and I think its absolutely fab. It was a joy to make and its a different idea for that could be adapted for any age. The tags could be substituted for gift cards or money, I shall be making these for the grandchildren this year.
Thanks to Andrea for her wonderful inspiration as always and apologies for the slightly blurred images!

More Christmas Cards!

Been playing with my 'lil bug' again this week and here are a few cards created. The glitter window on the ice crystal cards was done by cutting a 'nestie' circle then layering strips of sellotape along the back of the circle and rubbing lots of fine glitter into the tape, easy!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Chocolate on Prescription!!

Been for my 'MOT' this morning and because I am at increased risk of Osteosporosis (my mum had it ) my doctor gave me a list of Calcium rich foods and included on the list is MILK CHOCOLATE!! The calcium content of per 100g of chocolate is 220, so there you go, I can eat chocolate and be guilt-free, its good for me! Sardines have twice the content at 460 but given the choice...... the chocolate wins every time!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Cute Card Thursday Challenge 28

This is my entry for this weeks Cute Card Thursday Challenge 28 which is 'food'. I have coloured Tilda with Prisma pencils and Sansador. Cuttlebug Swiss Dots folder for embossing and the hearts are punched and hand-written.