Saturday, 25 October 2008

Saturday Update

Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by. I am pleased to report that Don is making a good recovery and that he is hopefully to be transferred to a hospital nearer home early next week. Its now 4 weeks since his terrible accident and he has made an amazing recovery considering his awful injuries. Unfortunately he has lost the sight in his right eye and his face is paralysed on that side too, but its a small price to pay considering he was not expected to survive. But he has, he is a very strong, brave and determined man. Its going to be a long, slow and sometimes painful recovery, but with our love and support he will make it.

We have some good news to share with you, Katie, our youngest daughter who was married in August is expecting her second baby in June 2009. We are all delighted and Don is especially pleased, he adores his family and this is something for him to look forward to and focus on.

Thanks to everyone for all your love, messages, cards, emails, prayers and support, its very much appreciated.

Barbara & Family xxxx

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