Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Magnolia Christmas Cards

A couple of cards I have managed to create this week, I am panicking a bit now as Christmas has crept up so quickly and I have hardly any cards made. These 2 are for family members, the one on the left is going to my sister in Australia, not sure yet who the other one will go to.

Don is doing okay, a bit depressed at the moment, he thought once he was home from hospital everything would be back to 'normal' and of course it isn't and he is finding that very difficult to deal with. He needs constant care, he can do very little for himself which he finds very frustrating. He is still managing to walk around on his crutches and doing really well but his eyesight is letting him down badly, he finds that the worst to cope with. Hopefully, he will improve as time goes on but its not moving quick enough for him, he wants someone to come along with a magic wand and everything will be as it was, sadly, that will not be the case.

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