Saturday, 5 December 2009

Christmas Tilda's

Don't know about you but Christmas is not my favourite time of year but I do love making Christmas cards, however, I am all Christmassed out!! Can't wait to pack all my chrissy stuff away and get back to 'ordinary' cardmaking! Every year I vow to make a Chrissy card a week, then it won't creep up on me, but my craft room is awash with sparkly bits and pieces and shelves full of christmas stamps I need to move it all away to make room for all year round stuff!

Here are a couple of Tilda cards using I think is the Christmas Eve Tilda. I have coloured her with Distress inks, my latest 'must haves!' These 2 are my first attempt with the Distress inks, I don't think they look too bad (if you don't look too closely!). Practice makes perfect so they say and I am enjoying practising.

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