Sunday, 31 January 2010


Can't believe I have done it, but I have broken my Cuttlebug!! I am really cross with myself, I should have known I was pushing it a bit too far, I could feel it resisting but thought it would be okay, its always been such a sturdy little machine, I thought it was invincible!!

I think the problem was I was using a Crafts Too folder for embossing which I figure are slightly thicker than the CB folders, so if you use these folders in your bug, just be careful and use less shim. I forgot to remove some of the shim that I normally use with CB folders.

Well, the side of the bug flew off and it made a horrible grinding noise and bang, the whole thing fell to pieces! I am saddened too because it was a leaving gift from my colleagues at work when I retired 2 years ago. I shall have to save my pennies now for another one, luckily I have a Wizard so I can use that until I can replace my trusty old friend.

Had a little browse this evening and guess what I found, there is actually a PINK bug, now that I HAVE to have!!

RIP my lil friend !!

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